“Mother” – My World & My Inspiration

Through My Eyes:


With due wholeheartedly respect and love all the Motherhood; I would state that my “MAMA” is my world and my inspiration. She is always being there for me in each and every progression of my life simply like a protector, like an adviser, like a caregiver. All I can say in regard to motherhood that all the love begins and ends there.

In a different culture, a Mother has different forename as MOTHER, MAMA, MUMMY, MOM, MAA, etc. I call my beloved Mother as “MAMA”. In fact, I can say that I have no words to fully express the sentiments about my mother.

Like others, I also have a beautiful experience with my “MAMA”. When I was a kid, she cares for me with so much love and affection. She guides that how to mark a step in each next stage. Her applause when I accomplished something. She undergoes miserable when I lost from my objectives however she never neglected to spur me to continue attempting.

Even, during my growing age, my “MAMA” showed the significance of life like an educator. She trained me like a soldier to confront the world with courage. She instructed about the tradition and culture of our human society. She shared her experience with me that how to survive in the social life and how to talk mannerly with others.

Indeed, in my struggling period, “MAMA” dependably addressed that ‘Never loses hope..Everything will be fine..Keep trying and try to be the best version of you’. I never forget that inspiring words of her that energises me throughout the life. In addition, she taught me every aspect that helps to accomplish my coveted objectives.

A famous quote by Jewish proverb- “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”…. This line clearly characterised that god favoured us with an exceptional and valuable blessing as a Mother.

Furthermore, I hope that everyone should concur that the lady as a mother who often loves us and forfeits for us at any condition deserve the best. Somehow, we simply neglect to appreciate each and everything that our mother accomplished for us magnanimously without ever grumbling.

We celebrate Mother’s Day in honoring the motherhood and motherly bonds. But, it is not sufficient to simply celebrate the Mother’s Day. Indeed, it is our responsibility to better deal with their emotions and furthermore the entire family. In the event that we will be proficient to make anything that makes our parents satisfied, then that will be the genuine achievement. Think about it, once.

I love you, MAMA. You are the real inspiration for me.


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