Being Yourself is not a Crime

Ram- Hi, Laxman. Laxman- Oh! Ram. How are you? Ram- I am fine. Thank you.. What about you? Laxman- I am great. But, why are you looking upset? Is that anything wrong Ram? Ram- Nothing serious.. I think some of my colleagues are not satisfied with me. They always endeavour to criticise me, even in... Continue Reading →


Make a New Resolution in this New Year, 2018…

Happy Healthy and Energetic New Year!! Let’s WELCOME the NEW YEAR 2018 that opens its arms with another 365 days. Let’s shake hands with another new year with positivity. In fact, this is the time that we celebrate with friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and companions. It is even an opportunity to unfold our thoughts and... Continue Reading →

A New Friendship Day

‘HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY’ TO ALL MY LOVELY FRIENDS..  ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’…  A real friend can only understand the sentiments of this statement. The first Sunday of August is the most happening day for all who trusts friendship. A grand celebration is showcasing its presence all over the world. The companion... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to Get Addicted to Meditation

Most of the people are now getting addicted to Meditation due to various reasons and use it as a therapeutic tool. According to new studies, a large portion of the people has no free time after their busy schedule and getting suffered from depression, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, etc. In fact, different types of... Continue Reading →

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